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August 3, 2017

Ultimate Guide to Lollapalooza + Bed Head Hotel Invite

Hey Merbabes! Festival weekend in Chicago is here and I am ready to party.  Lucky for you, I have made all the biggest festival mistakes (like wearing sandals post rain storm), and I am ready to pass along my knowledge to you.

I've partnered with Bed Head by TIGI to help you have the best Lollapalooza ever and to invite you to the hottest party of the weekend.  Keep reading for all the details.

1.  Nail Your Lolla Look

Obviously the main reason I go to any event is for the look.  Lollapalooza is practically the culmination of everything I hate the most; sweaty, drunk, people and standing in the direct sunlight. Not usually my vibe, but sprinkle in the element of endless outfit possibilities plus street style photographers and I'm in.  Obviously you will have to stay tuned for today's look, but you know I will be looking extra.

Your outfit is a vital part of the Lolla Look but so is your beauty look.  My largest struggle when it comes to festival beauty is finding the perfect balance, I always want to rock a crazy glitter-eye but I also know by hour three or four, that glitter-eye will become a glitter-mess all over my face.  This year I am planning on going for a simple and natural makeup look and let my killer waves do all the talking.

I am so excited to be doing my festival hair look using my new Bed Head products, Bed Head by TIGI is inspired by street trends and is specifically created for the weird + wonderful, wild child, and the thrill seeker, so basically all of my merbabes.  For today's look I am all about embracing my waves so I am prepping my hair with Queen Beach Salt Spray to enhance my waves.  Then I'll be adding a spritz of Get Twisted, to reduce frizz and finishing my wavy-baby look with Superstar Queen for a Day, mostly for the name but also to set and hold my waves all day and night long.  All these Bed Head by TIGI products can be purchased at Ulta on online at Ulta.com.

2. Pack the Perfect Bag

I really commend you if you are able to just throw on your wristband and head out the door.  I, on the other hand have a full bag packed with everything I could possibly need throughout the day.  I am planning on taking my favorite sparkly pizza purse and packing it as full as humanly possible.  Number one on my festival packing list is always GIANT sunglasses. Not only for sun protection, but with giant sunnies you can hide your face in the event you run into people from middle school, which I always seem to do.  In addition to sunglasses, I also recommend a chic plastic visor or another form on sun protection, like a dad hat.  Always pack water and a snack or three, staying hydrated is a major life key but even more major during a festival weekend.  Plus, food lines will be long and you will get hangry.

I also like to keep lipstick/lip balm, ID, bandaids, and depending on the size of my bag, a jacket for after sunset.

3.  Take Advantage of Every Event

I am so excited for Lolla weekend and I am only going to be at the actual festival one day.  Trust me, I am planning on taking advantage of all the craziness happening throughout the weekend and making it a four day experience despite my one day pass.  There are so many official after shows that are not to be missed, I am most excited about seeing Banks at her official after show.  If you really love an artist that is going to be at Lollapalooza, the best way to see them is at an after show in a smaller more intimate setting.

 Friday, I am going to be hanging at the Bed Head Hotel all day, listening to music, getting my hair done, and dancing it up with my bestie.  RSVP using this link to hang out with us! I am going Friday for Brandi Cyrus and Dani Thorne, but I expect you to send snaps from the event Saturday as well.

This post is brought to you by Bed Head by TIGI and Her Campus Media


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